What is TrustMe?

TrustMe is an encrypted password wallet.

It stores user names and passwords (or other private information) in an encrypted file and manages access to the data.


Main program features are:


TrustMe is available from the maemo-extras or maemo-extras-devel repositories.

A quick tour

After launching the program, you need to specify the password for your database. Enter it twice to make sure it is correct:

Initial Passowrd Query

Now, you are prompted with main window. It is empty, since nothing has been entered yet.

Note how in the lower right corner, the lock button also shows the timeout until the database is locked. Key strokes or mouse clicks re-set the timeout to 300s.

Initial Main Window Query

Click on "Add" to create a new entry and fill it with data:

Entry Editor

The screenshot below shows the main window with a larger set of entries. This actually is a demo database which you can activate with the following steps:

  1. Exit TrustMe
  2. Open a Terminal window
  3. Type cp /usr/share/trustme/example.db /home/user/.trustme/default.db
  4. Re-start TrustMe and enter "secret" as the password
Main Window

If you click on the Lock button, or wait for the countdown to expire, the database is closed and you have to re-enter the password again.

Note that this is also the case when you are editing an entry, so make sure to commit your changes in time.

Passowrd Query

Implementation Notes

To-Do List

The following seem to be logical extensions, depending on user requests:


This is only my second project in Python and GTK, any suggestions to improving usability, robustness, or coding style are welcome.

Please use the project's bug tracker on the Maemo garage for anything that you would like to see changed.